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Counseling Philosophy

Counseling is meant to be a highly individualized process, shaped and defined by the client's needs and expectations.  It is important that, from the very beginning, I have a clear understanding of what your values and concerns are, and how I can best serve you as you work toward achieving your goals. 


My role as a therapist is to provide an environment that is complimentary and supplementary to each client's work.  That means that, at all times, I will accept you as you are and be respectful of your rights, your time, and your position as architect and navigator of your own journey.  I will continually work to build and establish trust with you, being transparent and genuine during our interactions, so that you feel safe and comfortable enough to do the very important work you have set out to do.  I will frequently check in with you about your perceptions of our working relationship, your progression toward goal achievement, and your satisfaction with my services.

Counseling is a collaboration.  It requires a significant amount of effort and activity from both the client and the therapist. The more honest, truthful, and genuine you are about your thoughts, feelings and actions - in your daily life outside of and during our time together - the more likely it is that you will gain the skills and insight needed to move closer to clarity and understanding of self.  In addition, it will help me to more fully understand you.  It is that mutual understanding that will promote healing.   


Just as I am asking for your honesty, I will provide the same level of honesty to you.  That honesty may take the form of clarifying, questioning, or challenging some of your beliefs, statements, and actions, suggesting experiments, or assigning tasks to be completed outside of our time together.  All these things are done to help you come to know and to be your authentic self, while decreasing struggles or conflicts that have caused difficulties in your life.

I am a compassionate and direct therapist, and I work best in relationships that are interactive, enabling me to provide insight and feedback. I am trained in various traditional and alternative therapy techniques, and I am able to work with individuals, couples and families to address a wide range of issues and concerns.  I am confident in my ability to serve most clients, but I will always be upfront with you if a particular issue or subject is beyond my skill level or, if for other reasons, a referral to a different therapist would be necessary.


My ultimate goal is that, at the conclusion of our time together, you have achieved a sense of fulfillment and wellness within yourself and that you experience joy and contentment within all the dimensions of your life.

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