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Consultation and Facilitation Services

Life by Design Therapeutic Solutions is proud to offer various consultation and group facilitation options!

Classes in Mental Health First Aid are available for a fee.  Mental Health First Aid is an eight hour training course that prepares individuals and their communities with the knowledge and skills to help people who are developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.  Classes are available that focus on youth, and adult mental health concerns, as well as specific subsets of the population like veterans, law enforcement/public safety workers, Fire/EMS, older adults, and higher education.

Trainings are also available for criminal justice professionals interested in incorporating an trauma informed approach in their professional interactions. 

“How Being Trauma-Informed Improves Criminal Justice System Responses” is a one-day training for criminal justice professionals to:

  • Increase understanding and awareness of the impact of trauma

  • Develop trauma-informed responses

  • Provide strategies for developing and implementing trauma-informed policies

This highly interactive training is specifically tailored to community-based criminal justice professionals, including police officers, community corrections personnel, and court personnel.

Other classes, training, and consultation services can be developed specifically for interested groups or organizations.  Training/Curriculum topics must be related to mental health, substance abuse, trauma, corrections, foster care and adoption, or relationships.  Contact Life by Design Therapeutic Solutions for more information.

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